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Stonediver, Inc. is a USA based Information Technology Solutions and Professional Services provider for IT jobs. We provide custom solutions and services to our clients. We build enduring relationships with our clients.

We focus on IT Solutions Development, Staffing for IT jobs and Offshore Services. Our expertise in large Client Server, Business Intelligence/Dataware housing, E-Commerce, ERP and CRM projects for major corporations has given us the experience of working on challenging assignments and deliver hard work.

Stonediver, Inc. is committed to provide you with hard work and the same service-oriented philosophy in IT jobs that drives our relationship with every client. High-quality services delivered in a timely manner, Flexibility in meeting your needs, openness and honesty throughout our relationship. You need great people to drive successful projects through IT jobs. To cater to this end, we deliver exceptional technical talent quickly and efficiently. Stonediver equals quality work.

In today’s fast-paced business climate, your organization has to be efficient, effective and more dynamic than ever.  That means having the right people on your technology team at all times in IT jobs.

Founded in 1992 as a private-owned Business Enterprise, Stonediver is a leading provider of IT talent on a temporary and full-time basis for IT jobs. Our clients include reputable companies, as well as high-quality small and mid-sized firms in need for IT jobs applicants. Among the many industries we serve are financial services, consulting, travel, healthcare, consumer goods, telecommunications, media and education.

Who is Stonediver?

• We are a recruiting firm - IT jobs
• We have two customers; the clients we service and the candidates we place in IT jobs
• Our job is to understand your company’s culture and to make the best match
  within your company for IT jobs

Stonediver adds value by...

• Providing IT managers quick access to top-quality IT professionals for IT jobs
• Providing technology professionals jobs that fulfill their career and personal
  goals in IT jobs
• Providing organizations the ability to build a customized workforce



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